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Monday, 6 June 2011

What do you do Laura? I'm a Production Assistant at this Awesome Web Design Company in Hove

I got a job! Towards the end of my internship, Jamie ask if we could have a chat upstairs, which we had been doing weekly to discuss my progress. And he offered me a permanent position. Which I took. (I'm not daft!) (And everyone is lovely at Message)

I'm now nearly 1 month down in my 3 month probation period. And I really hope I am doing well. I really enjoy the work. It's all the small finicky little jobs that keep work on the go. And I feel like I am contributing in some small little tiny way to something, and gaining worthwhile experience, instead of pouring drink for people who don't need another drink.

So Life Plan currently stands at successfully completing the next two months here and looking for some new homestead in brighton : ) and cut the commute out of my life.

Happy Days! : )

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