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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The Chair is COMPLETE!

In yesterday's workshop we completed our chairs, giving them lighting, a floor space to sit upon and rendering them. I enjoyed playing baout with the lighting to create different moods. thinking in 3d is a little easier, but when it came to place the "camera" on the screen I couldn't really understand what it was for.
I then very briefly began to change the chair to resemble more my design, and imprint it with my character. I think I remember more from the week before than I was expecting but still got a little lost at times.
It's quite difficult because you know that you are holding back the rest of the class, and others are far more advance!
I also, and I am quite surprised by this, really enjoyed giving the history and theory presentation on monday. I was really nervous, but Holly and I worked really hard, on getting everything right and I think it went well. looking forward to getting my grade.