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Thursday, 23 October 2008

2nd Year

So, so far we have a few interesting projects on the go.


We are having work shops and what not to do with sound and had to create a sounscape the other day that told a story.. it could be anything so long as it was under 3minutes long. To begin with I though I would just chose soemthing simple like someone's process of getting up in the morning, but I then found that quite a few other people had also decided to do this. Witin my time limits I decided it would be possible to show something quite sinister and went with what sounds you would here a bulimic person make whilst they were having a binge. No pleasant but i think it worked well, and it gave me the opportunity to set a tone using music and sound effects to express what was happening.
This task helped me to practice my Audition skills which were a little rusty.

Animated Exeter.

Originally I missed the first briefing which I suppose put me at a disadvantage. And I was frustrated to find that once again, all the groups had been decided on, and ideas had already been passed about, so i had already misssed out on the creative ideas process. Also I was concerned that if I showed an interest in organising the Careers day for the festival that we would lose out on the grades, also that everyone else is adding to their creative portfolio and we would not be.

But I am glad I decided to get involved. I enjoy organising things, though I do feel that some aspects are a bit beyond me, like coming up with a good guest speaker, as my knowledge of theindustry is still fairly sparse in comparison to some of my class mates.

The Pitch

Is a little daunting. The idea that someone from the industry is actually going to sit and listen to us talk about our idea is quite a big thing. Even though its not for real. Even though I had my own ideaI didnt want to go into this project alone as I find with presentations I work much better in a pair or a team, so that we can support one another.
I chose to work with Charlotte and Holly as they had an idea to work from the stating point of 'Tear Drops Blossom' which I originally suggested they watched. It seemed like a sweet idea and something i could really get involved with.