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Sunday, 30 November 2008

ok so...

..I have typed up what we are going to say tomorrow, hopefully it will be ok, and we will get it all down and memorised so I dont panick on friday. I think our presentation should go well, no ramblings, quite concise, with images to support what we are saying and charlotte has made our moodscape, which i love! so fingers crossed!

Saturday, 29 November 2008


I am supposed to be helping with the sound for the animated exeter project, but wasn't scheduled to begin unitl next week. Nat and I were meant to both be finiding/creating the foley for the ident. However, the executive producer has clearly gone into panic mode and demanded that I have the sounds ready now. Originally the first time I spoke to anyone about when they wanted it done it was all still to the time table but adam asked that i have it done for yesterday, giving me the task to do by myself in two days, half a week early.
On the up side the sound can move ahead quicker, I just wish I had been asked earlier. Nat couldnt help me the last few days as she has been busy doing badckgrounds, again and again.
This project needed to know who was in charge much earlier on.
I havent even spoken to Mike about the foley and he is supposedly the 'Sound Producer'.

Its all coming together.

Charlotte and I have begun scripting what we are going to say during the pitch presentation we have to give next friday. Though we still aren't quite sure whether or not we need to include the stuff about who would comission the piece etc in what we talk about, as that will all be written in the design bible thing.
The design bible is coming together now, I spent a considerable amount of time put the pages together, finding the right images to go with each bit of text and i am hoping it will all work well together. for the time being we have printed it out in black and white, in case there are any altereations suggested during our practice pitch on monday.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Pitch.

So I have done all the backgrounds for the Pitch and dropped Char's Rain over them and it looks great. today we were going to start printing pages for the book and that meant we needed the text that we have written but alas Hol has forgotten to bring it in so today's potential for productivity has come to a grounding hault which is frustrating as i remembered to bring absolutely everything else.
I am looking forward to working on a project by myself next term.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Student Panel....

Ok so i finally got all the student letters done and sent to Andy today, hopefully with no more amendments needed they can all be sent out this week, and maybe some responses before we all disappear off for a month to get on with what we can at different ends of the country.
Charlotte has got the guest speaker letters done and Hol has finished the drinks sponsor letters as well so all that is left to do now is for Nat to finish the letters asking for prizes and we can rest easy.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Careers day... o dear

I'm quite concerned about careers day, that we havent made much progress or effort towards progress in the last week or so, especially now that we are also working on the ident, which originally i was led to think we wouldnt need to. I 'm really struggling to keep track of the the three projects.
All that i have left to do is to find the names of the of the course leaders for each univeristy and then the letters can be sent out bu i feel like we are leaving eveything too late for anything to actually fall into place.
We've not heard back anything concrete from anyone yet. none of the sponsorship letters have been sent out yet. i just wish we had the chance to focus on this

Thursday, 6 November 2008

the work is divided

So we have finally divided up who will be involved with what for the next week or so. thus far we have all been working together o get contact information and companies details but yesterday we decided that it would be better to split up the things that need doing and share them out.
I am in charge of contacting the universities for the student panel and uni stalls, which should be relatively easy as we wrote up a draft letter already.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Animated Exeter

Feeling really positive about The BIG Careers Day after our meeting with Susannah on monday. Now we just need to find the contact details for our wish list guest speakers, sponsors, students for panel, and send out the letters and wait for the responses. Susannah seem happy with what we had come up with which was good to hear.