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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Into week three

So it's not quite into week three what with all the bank holidays, and it won't be very long one (at the internship) 3 whole days! Today I have been hunting down where we can hire till machine to test software on, and drawing up all the project deadlines on the office board so the team can more clearly see when deadlines are approaching. Lara finished last week and started at i-crossing. It's a bit odd without her, but now I can experience a fuller workload, as when we were working at the same time she obviously knew what she had to be doing and so there wasn't as much for me to be getting on with.

So now I need to be contact some clients to get content and logos etc. off them so that the front end developer, Ben, can start designing a site.

I am thoroughly enjoying the production side of life.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Press Release written by me and edited by Jamie and Lara.

And one About me.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Production Assistant Internship has begun.

I landed an internship down at Message Digital Design Ltd. where they create 'e-commerce systems, websites, intranets and bespoke web applications'. They concentrate on creating accessible designs so that the website that they produce can be used by the widest group possible ( which I am trying to learn how it works, but it sounds pretty awesome)

Today will be my 3rd full day and so far I have been working on promoting a website Message have created called Todobedobedo, using twitter. Todobedobedo is an online shared to-do lists and seems to be a great idea for projects that you are doing where tasks need to be shared out within a group.

Well that is all for now. or I'll be late :)