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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Animate TV

'Seven contemporary artists use an innovative array of animation techniques including stop-motion, rotoscope, hand-drawn, cut-outs and computer animation. '

I found this on 4od and thought it might be worth a look, and it is. The first film is stop motion using unwanted ornaments, discarded in a shed, and it showed the social hiarchy within the characters and life. Whilst being entertaining and following a story, you are also remind that the characters are still porcelain.

I also really loved one called Tear drops blossom, it had a really nice look to it, being made of cut outs and the story was really sweet.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Corpse Bride

I finally got round to watching Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, after wanting to watch it since Seeing the trailer years ago! I love the way he used colour to differentiate between the world of the living and of the dead, and I think it worked well that it was the reverse of how we would traditonally view those two worlds. The land of the dead was a vibrant place full of fun and laughter, as well as horribly dismembered bodies!
I like the style of the animating, it has a sparse quality, done well but not showing off.