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Monday, 10 March 2008

Finally Finished the OSTN Ident

So last friday, my partner and I finally handed in our Ident, on time. I am well chuffed that it is over and done with. The handing in process was quite traumatising, I struggled to understnad how to save the work onto disk, especially after discovering that none of our pc s were able to write discs. But it was useful to learn how to use the suite down in broadcasting.

Our animation didnt end as we had planned it to, with the wings dropping off, as i couldnt work out how to separate to wings from the rest of the symbol. but I think if i had address that problem earlier on I could have found a solution.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Sound Design

Today my partner and I are going to do the Voice over recordings, using are new found skills, after the recording workshop. We are also going to try to find some real sounds, of birds and general outside noises to go along with our animation. As this is preferred over using pre recorded sounds from a CD

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

OSTN Ident

For the OSTN Ident project I have been working with Charlotte, as I find working with other people useful, especially when it comes to coming up with ideas. You can bounce of each other to come up with something, that most likely I wouldnt have thought of by myself.

Our animation has been done in flash, as it the programme I am most comfortable with, so its a 2D piece with a painterly background that is piece of charlotte's scanned in work. I think the mix of materials is really affective.

The idea was quite simple. To give the individual letters, in their rectangles, wings and have them fly about the screen to eventually end up with the final four in the centre and merging into the logo.

I'm pleased with the work that we have done so far and I m glad that I was reminded how to create moving symbols in flash in time to complete most of the work.
However, originally we wanted it to appear as though these letter birds were flying towards the screen and hit, with their wings falling off at the end and transforming. But I found that ten seconds hasnt been quite long enought o include this after the flying sequence.