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Tuesday, 23 December 2008


maybe I shouldn't say how I think project I am barely involved in has gone in my eyes. It's clearly more trouble than it's worth.

Next time I 'll just offer my services for everything I can and get my 'hands dirty'

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Waiting to hear...

back from the Universities that i have conatced with regards to the Student Panel for Animated Exeter. Susannah sent Charlotte an email today asking us to chase up the people we had already contacted and to let her know which universities we had contacted. I have sent her an email asking her to let me know as soon as she gets any sort of response from any of them so i can send them some more information! But i can't give her a list right this minute as the list is in the folder that andy currently has in his possession. I get the feeling we are being to layed back about it all when really we should be panicking!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Masking... quite possibly the dullest thing to spend your time doing.

Ok so today, we arrive to lend a helping hand, on to be confronted by art director, ben, who just bark orders at us. Just how everyone wants to begin their monday. I was quite willing to help but there is a right and wrong way of getting people to do things for you and manners dont cost anything. As far as I know anyway.

So this is what i spent my day doing.
Keying out the green bits of 10 shots.
Seriously dull, not in the lest bit theraputic. mind numbing. and after the barks i am not expecting any sort of thanks either.

Selected the brightest parts with the magic wand and delete them, on both layers. once this is done, I could delete the duplicate layer.

And this was the end result.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


We haven't had a meeting about what is happing in over two weeks. None of the four of us know what we should be doing now, or what needs doing over christmas, we are all home for a month but surely things will need doing? Feel like this has been side tracked by the other two projects. I realise that they are important, but if this day goes badly it will reflect back on us despite our best efforts.

the elderly woman

I made a little plastercine model of how i imagined her to be.

the Mini Bible

Today, whilst hol and charlotte get on with finishing the stopframe for the ident I have the tedious task of resizeing all of the pages for printing, checking the font looks right, that there are no mistakes I might have missed before.
The script is all done, just needs to prctice it, and practice with the powerpoint.
Hopefully once Andy has finished listening to everyone's pitches this morning he will have time to help us fix our moodscap/animatic.
Also I need to find Richard and ask him how to put a link to the moodscape at the end of the power point so its runs through smoother because in the practice i had to moved between two programmes and it just look messy.

Monday, 1 December 2008

I'm done with foley

I gave Adam the final half of the foley today so that is my contribution to the Exeter ident finished with. I would have like to be involved more creatively, but I have been busy with the pitch project as the background artwork took a lot of time, along with creative some of the shots.

I hope the sounds I found work, but it's little late on in the game if they dont. And I hadnt spoke to Sound producer once thoughout the whole thing.

Practice Pitch

So we had our practice pitch, and despite the fact that we hadnt practiced it, and i only made the power point for it this morning it seems to have gone ok. @I am now working on ammending the script so that it will run much smoother come friday, not too much missed our though. just need to remember to introduce ourselves and give more detail about who our audience is, a little more about fables and cautionary tales, and in the end more about what the potential for it is i.e. a series, the interenet, before feauture length films, and festivals.

Andy suggested that it would be quite nice to actually follow through this project, which has got us all thinking that yes. it would be good, after putting so much into its creation to actuallly make it would be great!