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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Defeated by a chair

today, once again to be defeated by a chair. i am beginning to get the feeling that i am not a patient enough person to deal with digital animation. the hand drawn work i really enjoyed. but tweaking one vertex thing till a curve is right is tiresome at the moment. i cant follow the instructions fast enough. and always seem to make unexplainable mistakes!
at the end of class i asked when we get assessed on these skills that i am suppose to be aquiring. not till beginning of january and i'll be able to practice over xmas. ha! not likely if there is no one there to fix the whole in the cushion!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Getting to grips with Maya

Last tuesday I had my first encounter with the software, which I am hoping to one day understand. For at the moment it's all very baffling. A simple task at the end of the session was to create a cushion. My chair was fine, I thought I was grasping the concepts quite well and then out of nowhere and for no good reason I realised that I had unintentionally made a whole in the top of my cushion. Talk about being realistic! How did it happen! O well more chairs tomorrow.
I am also aware that I have left this blog to the night before the next installment, but I did expect the information for tomorrow homework to be put online a little earlier so heaven knows what will be made of my hurried chair ideas.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

First and late entry

Scratching onto film:
enjoyable as this was, I've no idea of the end result due to those technical difficulties with the projector. Though it was nothing like anything I had ever done before.Having no purpose other than a rhythm.
when we were given the circle piece I dont think I used my imagination as much as others. I know now though to keep my work much looser, and not to get to detailed.
fat man: was really disappointing, having spent hours making my boxmanthing just float. but it was useful to make that mistake and be shown how to correct it and give an object more weight in its movement. the next task of the thin box jumping presented more difficulties, how do you make it seem lighter without allowing it to float a little? the arch must be different, and the speed at which he falls. the man must use less anticipation. we shall see.

the pixalation task was probably the daftest most painful way I have ever ventured downstairs, I think that my group members were what made it successful and humorous. But we still have yet to edit it, or attempt to put it to music.
I still struggle with making my pieces flow as I dont make an accurate plan to follow, animating through seems to give much more freedom to change your mind, and make alterations.

the vase carrying man was good, it made me have to think about howI would carry a precious object that I was proud of. The character had more of a personality about it this time.