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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The List

We have to submit all of our pre production work next friday, and this morning we have had a tutorial with Andy, who is our 'superivising producer'. He talked us through what we would need to have ready to hand in and I thought I would list it on here so that I don't lose it!
By 11th December Design Pack

- Storyboard (current Version)
- Final Script (locked off)
- Character Designs
* Old Lady
* Old Man
* Young Woman
* Black Shadow People

- Props
* Taxi
* Bicycle

- Background Designs An Example of what the world will be like.

Over Xmas if not before.

- Character Layers in photoshop, ready to put into flash.
- Finalised Storyboard

When we start back in January.

- Start the animation Layouts.
- Each scene to have a file name.

We also will be seeing James Henry/ Henry James (I'll get it right one day) next week to tweak our story to perfection. And cannot lock the storyboard until after this.

This afternoon we will be seeing Derek to show him our design work and to get some feedback about it all.

So thats all. Excluding dissertation :)